Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Organic Fields Pay Off

With safety of Branford, CT's young athletes as its top priority, Parks Director Alex Palluzzi Jr. and his dedicated staff have found a way to save tax dollars, reduce toxic run-off, and still provide a place for tackling, catching, and romping for kids of all ages.
The Parks Department has been focusing on an organic maintenance program that saw immediate benefits in cost, reduced pesticide use, and keeping the fields thicker, fuller, and safer. Not only is the department fine-tuning the organic experiment, it’s also keeping the heavily used parcels in shape, which is no easy task.
“These are all purpose fields; they are in constant use by every sport. They need constant work,” said Palluzzi. “That is why the organics has been such a benefit. It has really had a dramatic difference in our ability to keep the fields safe. (The Sound, click here)